Amiens - Haute Picardie

accueil-mobilité : service gratuit offert à ceux qui vivent une mobilité professionnelle

Our job is also to organize events where foreign new citizens and French families who lived abroad can meet and exchange. That may be your chance to talk about your experience as an expatriate and start making friends !


Several times during the year we invit all the new people to an event : cocktail reception, museum, hockey game...



Every month and during the first year of the stay, we invit the people who have less than 30 years old to an event in order to facilitate the integration in the "amiénoise life". An opportunity to create friendship and have fun. 



2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

2017, 2018


To become integrated in the city it's more convenient if you speak the language. Upload our list of contacts in order to find the solution adapted to your level.       




Different groups have been created for the newcomers in order to meet new people around some activities.

You can either participate to the cooking group, movie theatre group, hiking group,lunch meeting group, etc.

There is also the french conversation group that has been created only for the expatriates in order to pratice their french.




You have been hired or relocated and you are going to live abroad. This reality may sound overwhelming and integration in your new life could be hampered by troubles in speaking a foreign language. To make your relocation easier, we propose you a personnalized support. Our Accueil Mobilité team gives you solutions, advices, answers all of your questions and helps you to communicate.

You are expatriate and you need support ? Contact us !


 Contact :

Delphine Tavernier : 03-22-82-21-60



To obtain the social security you have to fill this form and prepare those documents after your arrival in France :

  • ID or passport
  • work contract + last payslip
  • original of a multilingual birth certificate or translated by a French translator recognized by the Consulate
  • proof of address (electricity bill, home insurance..)
  • bank details


If you want that you wife or husband get the social security too, you have to fill this form and prepare those documents three months after your arrival :

  • ID or passport
  • original of a multilingual birth certificate or translated by a french translator recognized by the Consulate
  • Proof of address (The three last months)

The web page ameli-direct take an inventory of all the doctors and health establishments.


RESIDENT PERMIT (Carte de Séjour ou Visa Longue Durée)


According to your visa, you have to go towards the OFIIor the  prefecture. A person of our team can help you step by step.

Helpful documents:



Our service helps you to find an accommodation. A person of our team can come along with you during a whole day to show you affordable housing? make your visits much easier and to help you in every step (signature of the contract, inventory, home insurance, contract of electricity or gaz)   

Documents required :

  • ID or passport
  • Work contract
  • home insurance
  • guarantee (one month rent)




if you need it, we can help you to open a bank account.

Documents required :

  • ID or passport
  • Work contract
  • proof of address


If you need a helping hand to choose a school for your children best fitting your expectations, we can bring you our support making appointments with directors to visit the establishments and get more information about them.